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from award-winning creators

Custom original music for film, games and broadcast

Single-step Licensing

We own 100% rights of our originals - fully mastered drop-in-place HD quality originals with edits, alt mixes, and stems.

Our Goal

Provide a branded single-step custom music licensing source for action/fantasy film, games, and anime projects including associated live performances working directly with music supervisors.

Lindy Day:

Award-winning female lead guitarist, recent live performances for Comedy Central (+7000), NBC; soundtracks for iMAX , ESPN, Gears of War, ABC, Major League Baseball, NHL, Epic Music LA, Music of the Sea.  more...

Kevin Village-Stone (Iwamura): 

Native American Music Awards nominee, live performances for NBC, national tours;  soundtracks for Fortune 100 companies, Carmen San Diego, Fox Sports, NASCAR,

ABC, The Learning Company, Epic Music LA, Music of the Sea.    more...

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Brand: Black Ramen  - cinematic electro-rock symphony

(Linkin Park meets Halsey, Trans-Siberian Orchestra  and Waggaki -

Franchised music, graphic novel, live show character/stage design and licensed merch in production)

Black Ramen animated logo.gif

US registered trademark

Demo Reel Legend

One-stop. One-shop. Drop-in tracks.

We own all the rights and conduct our own negotiations.

All compositions, performances, recording and mastering performed in-house with lower overhead 

passing on the savings to our clients.

  1. Bad Decision - electrorock

  2. Never Run - cinematic orch / epic adventure

  3. You Can't Kill the Dead - hard alternative rock

  4. Dark Science - dark action electronica / thriller

  5. Nashira - cosmic ambient

  6. Crow - jazz rock fusion

  7. Feelin' It - grass roots rock

  8. Into the Storm - cinematic orch / epic adventure

  9. The Longing - solo Native American flute

  10. Opus 60 No.19 in Em - traditional classical guitar

  11. Urban Samurai - dark  electronica

  12. Poison Blue - dark moody female

  13. Into the Storm movement 2 - cinematic orchestra

  14. Happy Go Lucky - ukelele

  15. Havin' a Good Time - tropical house

  16. How the Story Goes - smooth jazz

  17. Save Me from the Light - cinematic orch / horror

  18. What You Regret - shock rock / industrial metal

Black Ramen also PERFORMS LIVE

with touring pro-sound and lighting

to give your production extra promo power

website and social media:

Additional Assets

Lindy Day - electric/acoustic guitars, lead guitar, classical guitar, alto saxophone, signature vocal style.

Kevin Village-Stone - bass guitar (all styles and techniques), synth and synth programming, drum programming, Native American flute, mix engineer, mastering.

Bridgerton orchestra submissions

playlist on YouTube

Licensing/Custom Music

Kenji Iwamura


Kevin Village-Stone


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